Nightmares Have Been Banished From Our Reality – Don’t Forget – Forever

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2011 by deassisi

Nobody came to the rescue between us
When threats seemed to surface
We let them unclean us
And turn us to pebbles and make us mere dust
As if we were Judas and sin
Were the crust of the bread that we lived on
And all of the poison inside  us undid us

I raced in dark terror away from your shores
Did not want your rescue
Or you anymore
All blindness and darkness consumed me within
As if you were evil and your hands
Were the blackness that kept me in death
I dreamed in this nightmare that we could not rest

I woke up and I rose quite alive
And when I had washed out the salt from my cries
And the nightmares had vanished
God brought the sunrise
I turned to your arms and I looked for your eyes
And all that I want is to see your surprise
When I call out your name
And bless you every night
You only bring life to me deeply inside
And I want you to hear that
You love me so well
There will never be love as you love me in hell
And so this is heaven, the Kingdom of Love
There cannot be dark where such blessing has come
Planet Earth is not cursed where you walk anymore
Because trust has returned deep within to make more
Of a lovely soft brightness that God has ordained
Be your aura of strongness
That in you has made
Such a man he will battle – and win – for us all
So much do I trust that I run to your call
And all my sick nightmares can flee what is true
That you’re given to God and that you are good
So I’ll never fear you
Will always revere you
You know it’s so true that I love you.


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