Happy 24th!

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 by deassisi

Hi David,

Happy 24th Birthday!  Wow – 24.  Amazing.  I hope you are creating a forever memory today at the coast.  Our friendships are the only things of earth that we get to take to Heaven with us.  You have always been a faithful friend to David and for that reason alone I will always adore you.  But also I am so proud, grateful and thankful to see you walking with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I hope I had some small part in that, considering the amount of time you spent at my house.  =)  But even if I didn’t, it brings me joy to see it.   I will continue to watch as God’s plans unfold in your life.  Mr. Lundberg and I claim you as one of ours you know.   Hey, remember when I used to make you finish your milk?  Hope you didn’t hate me too much!  You are always welcome to drop by for a glass of milk any time.  You may have heard that I buy it straight from the cow these days!   You need to try it – good stuff. 

Your sister in Christ, Mrs. Lundberg


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