who’s down an insult now?!…er, that didn’t make sense.

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2011 by deassisi

This is BABY.

Guess you don’t know who that IS.

But I do.

And I just have a few things to SAY to you.

First off, yeah, you’re a funny guy. So mostly what I miss about being AROUND  you, or one thing I miss anyways, is that now we just talk about SERIOUS things which isn’t REALISTIC because if I could SEE you we would also talk about SILLY stupid funny things. Not that you’re silly and stupid. But that you’re funny. You know. What I mean.

And secondly, myyyyy memory of you is this one:

One time we went out walking with a bunch of people and I think we were walking down Escarpment. And you were walking barefoot.

And I was like…hmm…this guy is pretty weird. I wonder why he walks barefoot all the time.

And then I asked you why you were walking barefoot, and you said you liked “feeling.”

And I thought, “Huh. Interesting. Weird? Or Interesting?”

And I’ve never been able to make up  my mind since!

Happy birthday David! I love you.


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